Product Name Number Kit Size
AHG (Coomb's) BGAG0010 1x10ml
AHG (Coomb's) BGAG1010 10x10ml
AHG (Coomb's) BGAG2210 238x10ml
Anti?A BGA00010 1x10ml
Anti?A BGA01010 10x10ml
Anti?A BGA02210 238x10ml
Anti?A BGA0001L 1x1000ml
Anti?A1 Lectin BGA10005 1x5ml
Anti?AB BGAB0010 1x10ml
Anti?AB BGAB1010 10x10ml
Anti?AB BGAB2210 238x10ml
Anti?B BGB00010 1x10ml
Anti?B BGB01010 10x10ml
Anti?B BGB02210 238x10ml
Anti?B BGB0001L 1x1000ml
Anti?C BGBC0005 1x5ml
Anti?c BGLC0005 1x5ml
Anti?CDE BGCDE010 1x10ml
Anti?Cw BGCW0002 1x2ml
Anti?D Blend BGD00010 1x10ml
Anti?D Blend BGD01010 10x10ml
Anti?D Blend BGD02210 238x10ml
Anti D IgG BGDIGG10 1x10ml
Anti?D.IgM BGDIGM10 1x10ml
Anti?E BGBE0005 1x5ml
Anti?e BGLE0005 1x5ml
Anti?FYa BGFYA002 1x2ml
Anti?FYb BGFYB002 1x2ml
Anti?JKa BGJKA002 1x2ml
Anti?K BGBK0005 1x5ml
Anti?k (Cellano) BGLK0002 1x2ml
Anti?Kpa BGBKPA02 1x2ml
Anti?Kpb BGBKPB02 1x2ml
Anti?Lea BGLEA002 1x2ml
Anti?Leb BGLEB002 1x2ml
Anti?Lua BGLEA002 1x2ml
Anti?M BGM00002 1x2ml
Anti?N BGN00002 1x2ml
Anti?P1 BGP10002 1x2ml
Anti?S BGBS0002 1x2ml
Anti?s BGLS0002 1x2ml
LISS BGLSS010 1x10ml
LISS BGLS1010 10x10ml
LISS BGLS0221 238x10ml
Monoclonal Grouping Kit BGABD030 3x10ml
Monoclonal Grouping Kit BGABD040 4x10ml
Serological Albumin 22% BGAL2210 1x10ml
Serological Albumin 22% BG221010 10x10ml
Serological Albumin 22% BG220221 238x10ml
Serological Albumin 30% BGAL3010 1x10ml
Serological Albumin 30% BG301010 10x10ml
Serological Albumin 30% BG300221 238x10ml

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