SEQAS (Seraqual Quality Assessment Scheme) is an EQA scheme that will facilitate the improvement of patient care through monitoring the quality of laboratory tests and their reporting. SEQAS forms a part of the Fortress Diagnostics quality control platform.

What are the benefits of participating in an EQA scheme?

Participation in an external quality assessment program provides valuable data and information for the laboratory which:

  • Allows peer comparison of performance and results among different test sites;
  • Provides early warning for systematic problems associated with kits or operations;
  • Provides objective evidence of testing quality;
  • Indicates areas that need improvement;
  • Identifies training needs.

EQA helps to assure customers, such as physicians, patients, and health authorities, that the laboratory can produce reliable results. Individual laboratories can use EQA to identify problems in laboratory practices, allowing for appropriate corrective action. EQA participation will help to evaluate reliability of methods, materials, and equipment, and to evaluate and monitor training impact. For laboratories performing public health-related testing, EQA can help to assure that results from different laboratories during surveillance activities are comparable. EQA participation is usually required for accreditation. Samples received for EQA testing, as well as the information shared by the EQA provider, are useful for conducting continuing educational and professional development activities.

What does the SEQAS programme provide?

  • A fast and easy to use data capture system
  • Data Analysis that is easy to understand and interpret
  • Monthly cycles for a range of programmes
  • End of Cycle Reports
  • Certificates of Registration

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