Internationally Recognised Reagents

06 February, 2020

Fortress Diagnostics reagents are internationally recognised by healthcare practitioners as being of the highest quality and having the most trustworthy results. The reagents are manufactured in a custom built laboratory with the latest technologies for research and development of medical diagnostics.  Our success is reflective in the fact that Fortress supply reagents to over 100 international markets.

Why Fortress Reagents are the preferred Clinicians choice?

  • Variety of sizes available to ensure cost efficiency for any laboratory size
  • Excellent stability
  • Variety of methods available
  • Growing portfolio of bar/non-bar coded reagents for use on a range of analysers
  • Full range of controls and calibrators available
  • Expert knowledge and advise
  • World Wide Distribution

Research & Continuous Improvement

Investing 30% of turnover into research and development, we continuously expand our portfolio to ensure an increased choice of high quality reagents.  Fortress diagnostiC’S team of dedicated scientists also work continuously on improving our current product range by endlessly refining existing performance claims therefore offering the best quality products on the market.


Our reagents are manufactured to the highest quality standards in an ISO 13485:2016 certified laboratory, ensuring excellent stability, accuracy and results you can trust.

See below for list of reagents available from Fortress Diagnostics..

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