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01 May, 2020

Given the nature of the disease as a viral pathogen, the optimal diagnostic tool to evaluate the presence of the viral particle is Real-Time PCR. This virus encapsulates an RNA template that is the target for diagnosis. It is most efficient to carry out Real-Time PCR experiments on RNA samples with one-step methodology.

United States CDC has issued a recommendation for designing Molecular Diagnostic kits based on RT-qPCR which has shown to be successful in detecting the viral pathogen and has been implemented worldwide as a reference in the diagnosis of the disease.

We, at the Fortress Department of Molecular Diagnostics, have developed and optimized RT-qPCR test according to CDC recommendations and validated our assay with previously diagnosed samples using various automated instrumentation platforms.

  • To Diagnose: We recommend performing the Fortress RT-qPCR followed by an IgM test to diagnose the disease. This we believe to be the most efficient way of diagnosis.

Fortress 2019nCoV Assay Kit v1*

 Fortress 2019nCoV Assay Kit v2**

Single plex CoV Assay

Multiplex CoV Assay

One coronavirus gene target per well

Three coronavirus gene targets per well


Multiple dyes

For customers with low throughput samples

For customers with high throughput samples


  • 4 Step Process
    1. The samples will be collected by Swabs and collection media which can be provided by Fortress.
    2. After sample arrival, laboratories should perform RNA extraction using manual or automated solution provided by Fortress.
    3. After RNA extraction, laboratories should prepare the mix for RT-qPCR. Using Fortress kits, you can obtain accurate results with easy workflow.
    4. After Real Time PCR evaluation, you can generate and report the results to the patient.


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Fortress Universal Mini Kit (RNA Extraction)


50 Preparations


Fortress Universal Mini Kit (RNA Extraction)


100 Preparations


Fortress Universal Mini Kit (RNA Extraction)


250 Preparations


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