98.6% Specificity on Fortress Test

14 September, 2020

Fortress Tests help things return to "Normal"

As more and more people seek to return to ‘normal life’ Fortress tests will be invaluable to the success of helping schools and university’s remain open, corporate businesses returning to the office, health workers avoiding quarantine, increased protection in our care homes and future airport control.

Fortress antibody test has been hugely responsible for the success of the track and trace study being carried out across England. Data of over 200k participants shows 97% successfully completed their test following the guides and up to 94% had a valid result. This data is testament to fortress being the preferred test of choice and why. 

Tests currently available from fortress and our world wide distributors

  • Fortress Antigen Test

Swab test - Results in 15 minutes

The newest of the testing detects antigens: pieces of a virus that the immune system recognises. Rapid diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection will help healthcare professionals to treat patients and control the disease more efficiently and effectively.

  • Fortress Antibody Test

Finger prick of blood - Results in 10 minutes

Testing for the presence of antibodies can indicate that a person has previously had covid-19 and recovered – this is the best way to assess past exposure to the virus.

  • Fortress PCR Test

Swab Test – 24 hour results (used for larger quantities)

Currently, the most sensitive method for testing for COVID-19 is through a laboratory technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR).  Fortress Diagnostics have developed PCR tests, with and without RNA extraction, which is a time-consuming and costly step.  Without would allow a quicker manufacturing time and a more cost-effective product to meet the global demand for testing.

To find out your local distributor contact:  covid19@fortressdiagnostics.com



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