2 Years into the COVID-19 Pandemic

23 March, 2022

Two years ago today, the UK went into their first lockdown due to the coronavirus spreading throughout the globe. 24 months later, regular testing and vaccinations have become a part of everyday life, including the social distancing measures put in place such as wearing a face covering, standing 2m apart and washing your hands regularly.

The world is slowly easing restrictions on the population as COVID-19 infections have become less deadly and are hospitalising less people, despite their continuing mutations. Therefore, the current government guidance is to regularly test yourself to keep others safe. This is because of the large number of individuals who are asymptomatic and often are not aware they are carrying the COVID-19 virus. This regular testing due to reducing restrictions is helping stop the chain of transmission.

Fortress Diagnostics have developed rapid tests for the detection of COVID-19 antigen and antibodies. The key benefits of the test include:

  • Results available in 15 minutes
  • Reliable results
  • Facilitate patient treatment decisions quickly
  • Highly sensitive and specific

Not only do Fortress produce our own tests. We have also recently published a website where individuals and businesses can locate testing products simply and with fast shipping times. For more information, visit our new website www.fortresscovidtesting.com or email our team at marketing@fortressdiagnostics.com  

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