Albumin has two main functions: to maintain water balance in serum & plasma, and to transport a variety of ligands, for example calcium, bilirubin and hormones. Levels below the normal range (hypoalbuminaemia) are the most clinically significant associated with conditions such as malnutrition, liver disease, kidney disease and intestinal disease. Levels above the normal range (hyperalbuminaemia) have little diagnostic significance although they may be an indication of dehydration.

Fortress Diagnostics manufactures Albumin kits designed for use on; Hitachi 917 systems, Olympus systems AU600. AU400, AU640, AU2700 and CA 180/270/400 Furuno/Daytona systems. 


Sample Type Serum



Product Name Number Details Kit Size
Albumin RTU HIT0222A Suitable for Hitachi 917 R1: 18 x 50ml
Albumin RTU HIT0222C Suitable for Hitachi 917 R1: 5 x 50ml
Albumin RTU HIT0222D Suitable for Hitachi 917 R1: 10 x 100ml
Albumin RTU OLY0222D Suitable for use on Olympus System AU600, AU400, AU640, AU2700 R1: 4 x 60ml
Albumin (Mono) BXCF222A Suitable for CA 180/270/400 Furuno/ Daytona Series Reagents R1: 9 x 51ml

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