Cystatin C is a low molecular weight (13 kDa) cytoplasmic protein, functioning as an inhibitor of various cysteine proteases in the bloodstream. Cystatin C has a stable production rate and is removed from the blood circulation by glomerular filtration. In healthy individuals Cystatin C is completely reabsorbed and degraded in the tubules but in subjects with renal disorders its level in blood may be raised as high as 2 to 5 times normal values.

Fortress Diagnostics manufactures CRP reagents designed for Hitachi 917, Olympus AU600/400/640/2700 and CA 180/270/400 Furuno/ Daytona systems. 


Product Name Number Details Kit Size
Cyastin C HIT0777A Suitable for Hitachi 917 R1: 2 x 20ml R2: 1 x 10ml
Cystatin C BXCF777A Suitable for CA 180/270/400 Furuno/ Daytona Series Reagents R1: 2 x 17.6ml R2: 2 x 6.1ml

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