Direct HDL

Direct HDL

High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) are responsible for the reverse transport of cholesterol from the peripheral cells to the liver. HDL are one of the major classes of plasma lipoproteins. Cholesterol is transformed to bile acids in liver which are excreted into the intestine via the biliary tract. Monitoring of HDL- cholesterol in serum is of clinical importance since an inverse correlation exists between serum HDL- cholesterol concentrations and the risk of atherosclerotic disease.

Fortress Diagnostics manufactures HDL reagents designed for CA 180/270/400 Furuno/Daytona systems. 



Product Name Number Details Kit Size
Direct HDL BXCF421A Suitable for CA 180/270/400 Furuno/ Daytona Series Reagents R1: 3 x 51ml R2: 3 x 20ml

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