Homocysteine is a thio-containing amino acid produced by the intracellular demethylation of methionine. Total Homocysteine (Hcy) represents the sum of all forms of Hcy including forms of oxidized, protein bound and free. Elevated levels of Hcy have emerged as an important risk factor in the assessment of cardiovascular disease. Excess Hcy in the blood stream may cause injuries to arterial vessels due to its irritant nature, and result in inflammation and plaque formation, which may eventually cause blockage of blood flow to the heart.

Fortress Diagnostics manufactures Homocysteine reagents designed for Hitachi 917, Olympus AU600/400/640/2700 and CA 180/280/400 Furuno/Daytona systems. 


Product Name Number Details Kit Size
Homocysteine HIT0690A Suitable for Hitachi 917 R1: 2 x 16ml R2: 1 x 8ml
Homocysteine OLY0609A Suitable for use on Olympus System AU600, AU400, AU640, AU2700 R1: 2 x 16ml R2: 1 x 4ml cal 2 x 1 x 0.5ml
Homocysteine BXCF690A Suitable for CA 180/270/400 Furuno/ Daytona Series Reagents R1: 2 x 21.7ml R2: 2 x .4.6ml

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