Rheumatoid factors (RF) are a heterogeneous group of autoantibodies directed against the antigenic determinants on the Fc-region of IgG molecules. They are important in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, but can also be found in other inflammatory-rheumatic diseases and in various non-rheumatic diseases. They are also found in clinically healthy persons over 60 years of age.

Fortress Diagnostics manufactures RF reagents designed for Hitachi 917, Olympus AU 600/400/2700 and CA 180/270/400/2700 Furuno/Daytona system reagents. 



Product Name Number Details Kit Size
RF HIT0611D Suitable for Hitachi 917 R1: 2 x 20ml R2: 1 x 10ml R4: 1 x 1ml
RF Turbidmetry OLY0611E Suitable for use on Olympus System AU600, AU400, AU640, AU2700 R1: 2 x 20ml R2: 1 x 10ml R4: 1 x 2ml
RF BXCF611A Suitable for CA 180/270/400 Furuno/ Daytona Series Reagents R1: 2 x 20ml R2: 2 x 8ml

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