AHG (Coomb’s)

AHG (Coomb’s)

The Coombs' test is used to detect antibodies that act against the surface of your red blood cells. The presence of these antibodies indicates a condition known as hemolytic anemia, in which your blood does not contain enough red blood cells because they are destroyed prematurely.

The Fortress Anti-Human Globulin (AHG) reagent is a blend of rabbit Anti-Human IgG and Monoclonal Anti-Human c3d and is available in various sizes.

Product Name Number Kit Size
AHG (Coomb’s) BGAG0010 1 x 10ml
AHG (Coomb’s) BGAG001L 1000ml
AHG (Coomb’s) BGAG1010 10 x 10ml
AHG (Coomb’s) BGAG2210 221 x 10ml

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