Anti-D Blend

Anti-D Blend

Antibody induced by D-antigen is the most frequent cause of haemolytic disease of the new-born. The Anti-D reagent is intended to be used to determine the presence or absence of the RhD antigen on the red blood cells. The test is based on the principle of hemagglutination. Red blood cells with the antigen will agglutinate in the presence of the reagent containing the corresponding antibody.  

Fortress Anti-D IgG/IgM blood grouping reagent is a low protein blend reagent containing a human monoclonal IgM and IgG anti-D diluted in a phosphate buffer containing sodium chloride (0.9g%), bovine albumin (2.0g%) and macromolecular potentiators (1.5g%).

Product Name Number Kit Size
Anti-D Blend BGD00010 1 x 10ml
Anti-D Blend BGD01000 1000ml
Anti-D Blend BGD01010 10 x 10ml
Anti-D Blend BGD02210 221 x 10ml

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