The P1 Antigen was first described by Karl Landsteiner and Philip Levine in 1927. Anti-P1 does not generally react above room temperature and may often go undetected during routine testing. Anti-P1 is rarely   implicated in haemolytic transfusion reactions and haemolytic disease of the new-born.  This Anti-P1 reagent is for the in vitro detection and identification of the human P1blood group antigen by direct agglutination.   

The Fortress Diagnostics Anti-P1 blood grouping reagent contains mouse monoclonal IgM antibodies prepared from the cell line, Clone 650, diluted in a solution containing sodium chloride and bovine albumin. This reagent is supplied ready for use and does not require any further dilution or addition.

Product Name Number Kit Size
Anti-P1 BGP10002 1 x 2ml

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