Low Ionic Strength Solution

Low Ionic Strength Solution

It is well established that by reducing the ionic strength of a test system, there is an increase in the rate of red blood cell antigen-antibody binding.  The suspension of red cells in low ionic strength solution permits a substantial reduction in incubation time and also increases the test sensitivity with many antibody specificities.  The efficacy of low ionic strength suspending media in enhancing antigen-antibody reactions is dependent on their correct preparation and use.

The Fortress Diagnostics L.I.S.S. Ready for Use is a low ionic strength solution which is iso-osmotic with human red blood cells.  The solution contains glycine, phosphate buffer and 0.03M sodium chloride. 

Product Name Number Kit Size
Low Ionic Strength Solution BGLS001L 1000ml
Low Ionic Strength Solution BGLS1010 10 x 10ml
Low Ionic Strength Solution BGLS2210 221 x 10ml
Low Ionic Strength Solution BGLSS010 1 x 10ml

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