Serological Albumin

Serological Albumin

Although incomplete antibodies have the ability to combine with their specific antigens during the first stage of agglutination, they will not exhibit visible agglutination without the use of special techniques. The second stage of agglutination in some of these antibodies can only be completed with the addition of serological albumin to the cell suspension.

The Fortress Diagnostics Serological Albumin 22% and 30% are prepared from bovine serum albumin and buffered saline. No artificial avidity enhancers or high molecular weight agglutination potentiators are added to the serological albumin solution. This reagent is supplied ready for use and does not require any further dilution or addition.


Product Name Number Kit Size
Serological Albumin 22% BG22001L 1000ml
Serological Albumin 22% BG221010 10 x 10ml
Serological Albumin 22% BGAL2210 1 x 10ml
Serological Albumin 30% BG30001L 1000ml
Serological Albumin 30% BG301010 10 x 10ml
Serological Albumin 30% BGAL3010 1 x 10ml

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