Ceruloplasmin is an acute phase protein. Incorporation of copper into Ceruloplasmin occurs during synthesis in the hepatocytes. After secretion from the liver, Ceruloplasmin migrates to copper requiring tissue, where copper is liberated and used. Decreased concentrations occur during recessive autosomal hepatolenticular degeneration (Wilson’s disease).

The Fortress Diagnostics immunoturbidimetric assay is intended for the in vitro quantitative determination of human Ceruloplasmin in human serum and plasma. 

Method  Immunoturbidimetric
Form LS
Sample Type Human serum or plasma
Sample Volume 2 µl
Measuring Range 10-280 mg/dl (0.10-2.80g/l) 
Storage 2-8°C
Working Stability 4 weeks @ +2-8°C
Product Name Number Kit Size
Ceruloplasmin (L.S) BXC0765A R1: 1 x 20ml R2: 1 x 4ml

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