Cholesterol is present in serum as cholesterol esters and free cholesterol. The cholesterol esters present in serum are hydrolysed by cholesterol esterase and the cholesterol is then measured by oxidizing with cholesterol oxidase to form hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide in turn reacts with phenol and 4-aminoantipyrine present to form the red quinoneimine dye. The intensity of the dye formed is directly proportional to the level of cholesterol present in the sample.

Elevated levels of cholesterol are primarily considered as an indication of increased risk of cardiovascular disease and should be taken into consideration combined with the overall lipid profile.

Form Mono/Lyo 
Sample Type Serum/Heparinised Plasma 
Sample Volume 10 μl
Storage +2-8°C
Product Name Number Kit Size
Cholesterol (Monoliquid) CHOD-PAP BXC0261A R1: 2x60ml; R4: 1x5ml
Cholesterol (Monoliquid) CHOD-PAP BXC0261B R1: 6x60ml; R4: 1x5ml
Cholesterol (Monoliquid) CHOD-PAP BXC0261C R1: 8x250ml; R4: 1x5ml
Cholesterol (Monoliquid) CHOD-PAP BXC0261D R1: 4x250ml; R4: 1x5ml
Cholesterol (Lyo.) CHOD-PAP BXC0262A R1: 2x105ml; R2: 10x20ml R4: 1x5ml
Cholesterol (Lyo.) CHOD-PAP BXC0262B R1: 10x50ml; R2: 10x50ml R4: 1x5ml

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