Increased creatinine levels usually indicate renal function impairment but would not be considered a sensitive indicator of early renal disease.  Plasma concentrations can be more sensitive to changes in glomerular function where a chronic renal disease state exists. Urinary creatinine is only useful when performed as part of a creatinine clearance test.  In these circumstances it is useful verification of the completeness of a 24 hour urine collection.

The Fortress Diagnostics Creatinine reagents are intended for quantitative in-vitro determination of Creatinine in serum/plasma and urine. 

Product Name Number Kit Size
Creatinine (L.S) Jaffe without Deproteinization BXC0111A 1x120ml; 1x120ml; 1x5ml
Creatinine (L.S) Jaffe without Deproteinization BXC0111B 3x60ml; 3x60ml; 1x5ml
Creatinine (L.S) Jaffe with Deproteinization BXC0112A 1x120ml; 1x120ml; 1x5ml
Creatinine Enzymatic UV (L.S) BXC0113A R1: 1 x 50ml, R2: 1 x 25ml, Cal: 1 x 1ml
Creatinine Enzymatic UV (L.S) BXC0113B R1: 2 x 50ml, 2 x 25ml, Cal: 1 x 1ml
Creatinine Enzymatic UV (L.S) BXC0113C R1: 2 x 100ml, R2: 2 x 50ml, Cal: 1 x 1ml
Creatinine TCA Concentrate for Deproteinization BXC0114A R1: 1x120ml
Creatinine (L.S) Jaffe without Deproteinization BXC0117A 1x120ml; 1x120ml; 1x5ml

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