Haptoglobin is a transport and acute phase protein which is synthesised in hepatocytes. It is a glycoprotein which consists of two light chains and two heavy chains. A reduction in the level of Haptoglobin is indicative of intravascular haemolysis.

The Fortress Diagnostics Haptoglobin kit is an immunoturbidimetric assay for the in vitro quantitative determination of human Haptoglobin in human serum and plasma. 

Method Immunuoturbidmetric 
Form LS
Sample Type Human serum or plasma
Measuring Range 20-570 mg/dl (0.20-5.70 g/l)
Storage 2-8°C
Working Stability 4 weeks  @ +2-8°C


Product Name Number Kit Size
Haptoglobin (L.S) BXC0496A R1: 2 x 20ml R2: 1 x 8ml

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