The Fortress Diagnostics Lactate test is used for quantitative determination of Lactate in Plasma and CSF.  Lactate is one of the raw materials of glucogenesis produced by the active skeletal muscle and erythrocytes and is metabolised by the liver. Lactic Acidosis occurs when conditions associated with hypoxia or metabolic or drug/toxin related disorders. Examples of Metabolic disorders include diabetes mellitus, hepatic disease and neoplasia. 

The working stability and range varies with each Lactate assay, to request an assay IFU contact

Method Enzymatic Colorimetric 
Sample Type Plasma and CSF 
Sample Volume 10 µl
Storage 2-8°C
Product Name Number Kit Size
Lactate (Lyo.) Enzymatic (Colorimetric) BXC0621A R1: 1x105ml; R2: 16x6ml; R4: 1x5ml
Lactate (Monoliquid) Enzymatic (Colorimetric BXC0622A R1: 2x50ml; R2: 1x5ml
Lactate Dehydrogenase (LD) (L.S) Pyruvate Lactate, DGKC BXC0242A R1: 5x20ml; R2: 1x20ml
Lactate Dehydrogenase (LD) (L.S) Lactate Pyruvate, DGKC BXC0243A R1: 5x20ml; R2: 1x20ml

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