The Fortress Diagnostics Lipase test is used for quantitative determination of Lipase from Serum or Plasma.

α-Amylase and Lipase tests are used to detect pancreatitis. The tests measure the amount of these enzymes circulating in your bloodstream. The lipase activity determination has gained increasing international recognition because of its high specificity and rapid response.

Method Enzymatic Colormetric
Form LS
Sample Type Serum or plasma
Sample Volume 30µl
Measuring Range 2.43-548 U/l
Storage 2-8°C
Working Stability 31 days @ +2-8°C



Product Name Number Kit Size
Lipase (L.S) Colorimetric BXC0511A R1: 2 x 10ml; R2: 1 x 10ml; R4: 1 x 1ml

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