Magnesium is one of the major intracellular cations in the body. Its action is closely related to that of calcium. Magnesium deficiency, hypomagnesaemia can result in various neuromuscular disorders, weakness, tremors, tetany and convulsions. It is associated with hypocalcameia, intravenous therapy, diabetes mellitus, alcoholism, dialysis and pregnancy.

The Fortress Diagnostics Magnesium tests are for the quantitative in vitro determination of Magnesium in serum, plasma and urine. 

Sample Type Serum, plasma or urine 
Storage 15-25°C
Working Stability

7 days @ +15-25°C (Magnesium calmagite) 

Up to expiry when stored @ +15-25°C (Magesium Xylidyl Blue & Arsenazo)

Product Name Number Kit Size
Magnesium (L.S) Calmagite BXC0351A R1: 1x60ml; R2: 1x60ml; R4: 1x5ml
Magnesium (L.S) Calmagite BXC0351B R1: 2x20ml R2: 1x60ml R4: 1x5ml
Magnesium (Monoliquid) Xylidyl Blue BXC0352A R1: 2x60ml; R4: 1x5ml
Magnesium (Monoliquid) Xylidyl Blue BXC0352B R1: 6x60ml; R4: 1x5ml
Magnesium (Monoliquid) Arsenazo BXC0353A R1: 2x60ml; R4: 1x5ml

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