The Fortress Diagnostics Microalbumin test is used for quantitative determination of Microalbumin in urine. Excretion of urinary albumin between 30-300 mg/day is regarded as Microalbuminuria. Increased levels of Microalbumin are found in diabetes mellitus patients at increased risk for development of end-stage renal disease. Early detection of microalbumin may predict end stage renal disease.

Method Immunoturbidmetric
Form LS
Sample Type Urine
Sample Volume 60 µl
Measuring Range 0.25-200 mg/l
Storage 2-8°C
Working Stability up to expiry when stored at +2-8°C
Product Name Number Kit Size
Microalbumin (L.S) BXC0471A R1: 1x50ml; R2: 1x10ml; R4: 5x1ml (C1-C5)

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