The Fortress Diagnostics Triglycerides test is intended for the enzymatic in vitro test for the quantitative determination of triglycerides in human serum and plasma.

Triglycerides are esters of the trihydric alcohol glycerol with 3 Iong-chain fatty acids. They are partly synthesized in the liver and partly ingested in food. The determination of triglycerides is utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of patients having diabetes mellitus, nephrosis, liver obstruction, lipid metabolism disorders and numerous other endocrine diseases.

Method Enzymatic 
Sample Type Human serum or plasma
Sample Volume 10 μl
Measuring Range 3-1000 mg/dl (0.05-11.4 mmol/l)
Storage 2-8°C


Product Name Number Kit Size
TriglycerideS GPO PAP BXC0271A R1: 2x60ml; R4: 1x5ml
Triglycerides GPO PAP BXC0271B R1: 4x60ml; R4: 1x5ml
Triglycerides GPO PAP BXC0271C R1: 5x20ml; R4: 1x5ml
Triglycerides GPO PAP BXC0271D R1: 12x60ml; R4: 1x5ml
Triglycerides (Lyo) GPO PAP BXC0272A R1: 1x105ml; R2: 10x10ml; R4:1x5ml
Triglycerides (Lyo) GPO PAP BXC0272C R1: 4x50ml; R2: 4x50ml; R4: 1x5ml

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