Rose Bengal

Rose Bengal

Brucellosis is a bacterial infection caused by various Brucella species that spreads from animal to people through direct contact with infected animals or by ingestion of contaminated animal products.

The Fortress Diagnostics Rose Bengal test is a rapid slide agglutination test for the qualitative and semi-quantitative assessment of Brucellosis antibodies. It is one of the easiest to implement and the most widely used for identifying Brucellosis antibodies in human and animal serum. Specific antibodies to the Brucella species are detectable a few weeks after exposure. The stained bacterial suspension agglutinates when mixed with samples containing IgG or IgM antibodies if present in patient samples in concentration ≥25 IU/ml.

Product Name Number Kit Size
Rose Bengal FEBRB050 50T
Rose Bengal FEBRB100 100T

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