Fortress Diagnostics has developed a range of haematology reagents, controls and calibrators for use in detecting blood related disorders.

Fortress Celldiff + products available include Celldiff +Clean, Celldiff + Enhanced Cleaner, Celldiff + Lyse and Celldiff -3+ Reagent Starter Pack. 

Product Name Number Kit Size
CELLDIFF + Clean HAEM042A 1 Litre
CELLDIFF + Clean HAEM042B 5 Litres
CELLDIFF+ Clean HAEM034A 20 Litres
CELLDIFF+ Enhanced Cleaner HAEM033A 100mls
Celldif+ Lyse HAEM043A 1 Litre
CELLDIFF-3+ Reagent Starter Pack FORTSP01 5 Litres Diluent: 1 Litre Clean; 100ml Lyse

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