D-Dimer Latex

D-Dimer Latex

D-Dimer Latex Test is intended for the rapid qualitative or semi-quantitative evaluation of circulating derivatives of cross-linked fibrin degradation products (XL-FDP) in human plasma.

During blood coagulation, fibrinogen is converted to fibrin by the activation of thrombin. The resulting fibrin monomers polymerize to form a soluble gel of non cross linked fibrin. The fibrin gel is then converted to cross-linked fibrin by thrombin activated factor VIII to form an insoluble fibrin clot. Production of plasmin, the major clot-lysing enzyme, is triggered when a fibrin clot is formed. Fibrinogen and fibrin are both cleaved by the fibrinolytic enzyme plasmin to yield degradation products from cross-linked fibrin contain D-Dimer. Therefore, Cross-linked fibrin degradation products (DL-FDP) are a specific marker of fibrinolysis.

Methodology D-Dimer Latex Assay
Storage 2°C - 8°C


Product Name Number Kit Size
D-Dimer Latex COAG115D 50T
D-Dimer Latex COAG115E 100T

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