Factor Assay

Factor Assay

The Fortress Diagnostics Factor Deficient Substrate Plasma Assays are intended for the quantitative determination of the respective factor in patients suspected of having a congenital or acquired deficiency of this coagulation protein. 

Numerous coagulation factors have been identified in the blood and are required for normal blood clotting. A deficiency of one or more of the factors may result in a notable hemorrhagic condition, the severity of which is governed by the degree of the deficiency. Deficiencies of the blood clotting factors may be congenital or acquired. The congenital deficiencies are in general single deficiency states while the acquired deficiencies may be multiple in nature and commonly associated with liver disease, vitamin K deficiency or the ingestion of coumarin type anticoagulant drugs, and defibrination secondary to intravascular clotting.


Product Name Number Kit Size
FACTOR II ASSAY KIT COAG129A 5 x 1ml; 1 x 60ml
FACTOR IX ASSAY KIT COAG127A 5 x 1ml; 1 x 60ml
FACTOR V ASSAY KIT COAG128A 5 x 1ml; 1 x 60ml
FACTOR VII ASSAY KIT COAG124A 5 x 1ml; 1 x 60ml
FACTOR VIII ASSAY KIT COAG122A 5 x 1ml; 1 x 60ml
FACTOR X ASSAY KIT COAG123A 5 x 1ml; 1 x 60ml
FACTOR XI ASSAY KIT COAG133A 5 x 1ml; 1 x 60ml
FACTOR XII ASSAY KIT COAG126A 5 x 1ml; 1 x 60ml

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