Kaolin Clotting Time

Kaolin Clotting Time

The Fortress Diagnostics Kaolin Clotting Time reagent for the detection of Lupus anticoagulants. 

Lupus Anticoagulants (LA) are frequently investigated in thrombophilic patients or women with foetal loss. The LA antibodies recognize the Prothrombin-phospholipid complex, thereby inhibiting the phospholipid dependent coagulation reactions. The Kaolin Clotting Time kit is the most sensitive test for the detection of circulating anticoagulants. The kit detects all classes of inhibitors, including those directed against factor VIII and contact activation as well as heparin. To overcome this, more specific tests have been developed such as DRVVT tests, which bypass most of the upper stages of clotting mechanism.

Methodology  Quantitative Estimation of Fibrinogen 
Storage 2°C - 8°C
Product Name Number Kit Size
Kaolin Clotting Time COAG121A R1: 1 x 2ml R2: 1 x 2ml

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