The Fortress Diagnostics RF-Latex test is a rapid slide agglutination test for the qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of Rheumatoid Factors in serum. Latex suspension coated with human gamma-globulin, agglutinates in the presence of rheumatoid factors in the patient serum.

Rheumatoid factors are antibodies directed against antigenic sites in the Fc fragment of human and animal IgG. Their frequent occurrence in rheumatoid arthritis makes them useful for diagnosis and monitoring of the disease, although RF is also found in a number of rheumatic disorders such as Sjogren’s syndrome and Lupus erythematosus (SLE). 

Product Name Number Kit Size
RF Latex (Reagent) LXRF0005 1x5ml
RF Latex (Reagent) LXRF001L (1000ml) 25,000T
RF Latex Kit LXRF0025 25T
RF Latex Kit LXRF0050 50T
RF Latex Kit LXRF0100 100T
RF Latex Kit LXRF0150 150T

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