Fortress Diagnostics have developed rapid test devices and strips for the qualitative detection of HCV antibodies in whole blood, serum or plasma.

Hepatitis C Virus is a small, enveloped, positive-sense, single-stranded RNA virus. HCV is now known to be the major cause of parenterally transmitted non-A, non-B hepatitis. Antibody to HCV is found in over 80% of patients with well-documented non-A, non-B hepatitis. Conventional methods fail to isolate the virus in cell culture or visualize it by electron microscope. Cloning the viral genome has made it possible to develop serologic assays that use recombinant antigens. Compared to the first generation HCV EIAs using single recombinant antigen, multiple antigens using recombinant protein and/or synthetic peptides have been added in new serologic tests to avoid nonspecific cross-reactivity and to increase the sensitivity of the HCV antibody tests.



Product Name Number Kit Size
HCV Device (Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood) HCVC0020 20T
HCV Device (Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood) HCVC0040 40T
HCV Strips (Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood) HCVS0050 50T
HCV Strips (Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood) HCVS0100 100T

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