Seraqual 365

Seraqual 365

The Seraqual 365 IQC Management Software is a peer data QC programme designed for use with Seraqual Controls. It provides a cost effective and comprehensive package for labs who need to manage their daily QC activities on a centralized platform in real time.

The system has a number of feature to enhance data review and trouble shooting within a lab to include:

  • A dashboard interface that presents condensed options of the features of the system showing options most frequented. It also flags any exceptions for review.
  • A simple easy to use interface that allow labs to configure and enter results easily with a need for minimal training.
  • Interactive charts for quick and easy performance review to include Histogram and Levey –Jennings.
  • Exceptions reports so data from a specified date range can be reviewed quickly.
  • Statistical Comparison Report can be in a specified date range and at either the instrument, method or all method level.
  • Peer Group Statistics allowing you to compare your results with other labs using the same QC material.
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis that includes performance indicators such as Uncertainty of Measurement (UM), Bias, Total Error (TE) and Sigma Scores.


  • Presents condensed options of the features of the system showing options most frequented.
  • A full list of features that the systems offer is available from the drop down at the top left hand corner.
  • It also flags any exceptions for review to allow rapid identification of any QC problems and allow quick and effective corrective action.

Results Entry

  • A simple feature to allow easy manual addition of results.
  • An alarm is activated if a result entered violates a multi rule set.
  • There are also indicators to show when a result has been edited, commented upon or reviewed.

Charts & Reports

  • Levey Jennings & Histograms - Interactive charts that can be generated within a specific date range which are invaluable for identifying data shifts and trends. The charts can be downloaded, saved, annotated and printed for the users convenience.
  • Exceptions ReportPresents all results that have violated the multi rules set in a date range that can be specified. Through colour coding it identifies the violated rules that are 'Alert' and those that are 'Reject'. Any comments associated with a result are also detailed.
  • Statistics Comparison ReportA worldwide and country comparison of statistics at either the Instrument, Method or All Method level is available in this report. A date range can be specified. This report includes performance indicators such as Mean, SD, CV%, Bias %, SDI and CVI.
  • Peer Group StatisticsA lab can select World or Country Statistics for a chosen Control Type and Lot. The peer group can be at a number of different levels as seen in the image below. The report includes Mean, SD, CV% and the number of labs.
  • Advanced Statistics AnalysisThis report draws on a number of important statistical metrics that include Mean, SD, CV%, Uncertainty of Measurement (UM), Bias, TE, Sigma (BV) and Sigma (CLIA). The report can be based at either the Instrument, Method or All Method Level and if required within a specified date range.


QC Data Review

  • A lab selects a date range (instrument, lot and assay selection is optional) and the report generated displays any results that have not yet been reviewed.
  • Results violating a multirule are highlighted according to their Alert or Reject status.
  • A reviewer has the ability to set all the results to reviewed or individually look at results and comment.
  • This function allow quick and easy identification of tests that may be problematic.


How to Guide: Configuration
How to Guide: Results Entry
How to Guide: Reports
How to Guide: QC Data Review

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